Wednesday, December 14, 2011

banyakgilanakupdatesilabacadengansabar. *sumpah aku benci orang tulis panjang2 tkde space. :D so aku tergolong dlm org yg aku benci. =.= tk paham sudaaaah.

hello people. currently not doing anything. (: well im so used with my tab i can't even type with this laptop's keyboard properly. it's all so easy with a touch. now i have to touch AND press only then it will appear. okay. im not gonna ramble about this stuff. what i really want to talk about are hangouts, driving license and a proper job.
HANGOUTS. i rarely hangout. like seriously. i have lots of problems to encountered. first , transportation issues, then money issue. all this stuff is cracking me up. mencinya duduk tempat hulu camni. :O and money, usually i saved up my money to hangout with my friends. but i don't know why this year i don't have any savings  AT ALL. i have to beg from my mom for extra money. =.=

DRIVING LICENSE. at first, its not really a priority. but when i have difficulties to hangout with my friends it have been a no.1 must do in my list. well, i still have to wait for my dad to pay for all this. so, i have to wait. ;O

PROPER JOB. so, i've been looking for a couple of jobs. well i badly want to be a kindergarten teacher. basically because i love kids and there are lots of kindergarten in my area. it is easier for me to get to work since i don't have my driving license YET. so, Q-dees a kindergarten which i badly want to work at is currently unavailable because there's too many people applying. ssemua nk kerja tempat fofular je. :3 so, every kindergarten in my area needed a girl who isn't free hair or the one that's wearing hijab. i don't think i have any problems going to work with hijab on my head. "mana tau kau terus pakai kan" bak kata amanda. (: so, next week i will travel from kindergarten to kindergarten to find a job. kalau betul kena pakai tudung, SHOPPING TUDUNG! hehe.


ooooh. btw, thank you to those who wish me yesterday. i really appreciate your action. it was not the best birthday celebration but it was memorable. thank you people. <3

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