Friday, December 30, 2011

hello peeps. lots of thing to update. first of all. i got a new hand phone. alhamdulillah. :D my grandma from my mother's side bought it for me. wait or is it my aunt? well then. thank you. (: last week i met my dearest mags7. except for farah. :'( i love u guys. :D next, i had started my driving license class. if you could remember from my last entry  told you guys that driving license is not a priority. but this is what i call luck. alhamdulillah. then, shahzuan has come back from singapore. <3 btw, i got a job already. at Qdees. so , for about months afterwards i will have my own pocket money. it is not much but it is enough. i dont have to worry about the transport because i'll be going to work with bicycle. and food its not a concern because my house from Qdees are not the far. hope i could really work well with kids. and i think this is a anger management therapy for me wish me good luck guys. thank you. tuah ayam, nmpk di kaki tuah manusia siapa yg tau. alhamdulillah.